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Hard to Beat Acts in Galveston

Everywhere you look in Galveston, there’s an opportunity for natural beauty and slip-sliding fun!

red tailed hawk landing

FeatherFest: A Birder’s Paradise

April 01, 2019

Featherfest focuses on such activities as birding and nature photography field trips and workshops. View the region’s birds in their native habitats, including the East Texas ecosystem known as Pineywoods, the Katy Prairie, the Armand Bayou Rookery, the Nature Conservancy’s Texas City Prairie Preserve, the southern end of the Bolivar Peninsula, Lafitte’s Cove Nature Preserve, known for migrating songbirds, and the “Galveston Complete Birding Sampler,” where you’ll scout for evidence of migrating peeps, Great Blue Herons, and foraging shorebirds. Be sure to catch “Raptors Revealed,” a series of raptor shows featuring live birds of prey in thrilling free-flight demonstrations. 

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