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Galveston Sure Likes its Brunch

April 01, 2017

Farley Girls Cafe

Farley Girls Cafe is a charmingly inspired spot that always pushes ahead with inventive entrees. Order a breakfast pizza with lox and cream cheese, the chicken schnitzel over waffles, or hashed barbecue pork.

Mosquito Cafe

Comfortably hidden over in the East End, one of Galveston’s most historic neighborhoods, Mosquito Cafe is a quaint venture that might brag about an eclectic style and its old-time charm. A food affair awaits, made from scratch.

Number 13

Number 13 is an elegant fixture that primarily serves steak and seafood. However, their spicy Bloody Mary bar opens for the weekend and things only get better from there. An upscale feast of succulent brunch awaits.

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