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Sail into History at the Texas Seaport Museum

June 04, 2017

You can even explore the state-of-the-art digital database that catalogues over 130,000 immigrants who came to the US through our city, “The Ellis Island of the West.” You can take a harbor tour on the museum’s 50-foot, twin-engine Seagull II or opt for the special marine biology tour where you’ll witness dolphins at play in their natural habitat. The crown jewel of the museum is Elissa, a sailing ship with an iron hull and three masts constructed in Aberdeen, Scotland, in 1877. You can climb aboard and explore every facet of her breathtaking build. At two hundred five feet long and 99 feet tall with 19 sails, this massive vessel is enough to make even a seasoned sailor’s eyes go wide.

Texas Seaport Museum 2100 Harborside Dr, Galveston, TX 77550

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